one world intercultural womens Day party

We celebrate us - the women of this world!

For International Women's Day on 8 March 2019
ONE WORLD PROJECT e. V. in cooperation with the
Vielfalt. viel Wert. campaign, of the Fachdienst für Integration und Migration des Caritas Verband der Stadt Bonn e. V.
ONE WORLD INTERCULTURAL WOMENS DAY PARTY wanted to stand up for women's rights and promote and raise collective humanitarian awareness of the discrimination against women that still takes place in our world today.

Guests enjoyed a beautiful intercultural day and evening with live music by Gnawa-Germany and regional DJ's , a colourful programme with the African fashion show by Makunga's Wax, exotic stalls and a delicious multicultural buffet!

New friendships and further networking opportunities were made, because together we are strong!

Women were cordially invited to come in their national costumes or simply dress as colourfully as our world.
P.S.: Men were of course just as welcome!

Info about Gnawa:
The Gnawa have become famous for their rhythmic music. The three main instruments are the Ṭbal (barrel drum beaten with sticks), Sintir (long-necked lute, resonance body can be a turtle shell) and Gimbri (three-stringed long-necked lute with rectangular resonance body made of wood), plus the metal vessel rattle Qarqaba (pl. Qaraqib). The music has its original function in the nightly lila or derdeba ritual. In this most important ceremony, which consists of music, dances, ritualised breaking of taboos and an animal sacrifice and can last twelve hours, evil spirits are driven away and others are invoked. It serves the therapeutic purpose on the individual level.