one world drum circle

with our drum master and multi-instrumentalist - Jörg Kieferle

Do you feel like drumming?
But not in any way, but as ONE WORLD DRUM CIRCLE!
It is not a drum course in the classical sense, in which certain rhythms are learned with very precisely defined sequences - it is much more about the playful and enriching possibility of living out one's own joy in rhythm and developing one's own sense of rhythm, free from any stress.

The underlying concept is based on the drum circle philosophy of Arthur Hull, USA. It is explicitly designed to introduce non-musicians to the active experience of musical phenomena, e.g. group-consciousness or community experience (spirit). As a nice side effect, the ability to concentrate and inner peace are strengthened.

The ONE WORLD DRUM CIRCLE is led by Jörg Kieferle. He plays the accordion, drums and percussion (cajón, bongos, djembe, darbuka & small percussion) in various formations and bands and would like to inspire people of all backgrounds and ages to get into drumming in this workshop series!

Previous experience is not necessary, but having fun and enjoying making music together is a prerequisite.

The ONE WORLD DRUM CIRCLE is a cultural and educational project of ONE WORLD PROJECT e. V., which takes place in cooperation with the Vielfalt. Viel wert.- campaign of the Caritas Association Bonn.