"30 years of children's rights"

Photo exhibition by jenny bartsch photography

  We, ONE WORLD PROJECT e.V., are very pleased to present you again these wonderfully sensitive photographs by Jenny Bartsch from 20.08. - 10.09.2019 in Bonn's Stadthaus.
Jenny had already exhibited her works at the ONE WORLD FESTIVAL BONN 2018.
This time, she is dedicating her exhibition exclusively to the forgotten children in the hotspots of our world:
"The pictures shown here were created during my stays in Djibouti, Mali and on the island of Lesbos. I was stationed in Djibouti for almost five months in 2015 as part of the German Armed Forces mission ATALANTA and often visited the Caritas facility. The children are cared for there during the day, but in the evening they have to go back to the streets, as accommodation for the night is forbidden by the state. The children get meals every day and can play together with other children and forget the difficult everyday life for a short time. A nurse is also on site and takes care of the little ones. After my stay in Djibouti, it became clear to me that I wanted to get more involved and I looked for organisations that I could help directly. I didn't just want to donate, I wanted to get involved. Shortly afterwards, I became a member of "Cars of Hope Wuppertal". Here, everyone can get involved, support and help as much as they can. For more than a year, Cars of Hope has been supporting refugees on the so-called Balkan route, most recently in Greece and Serbia, but before that also in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. Since the border closures and the evacuation of Idomeni, the refugees have disappeared from the media, but their situation has worsened considerably. The plight of the people is still there - and it is greater than ever.
With a small team, we flew to the island of Lesbos in 2017 and tried to report on the living situations of the people in Moria Camp. I had never seen such conditions before and was completely shocked by the way people seeking protection here are treated. I was particularly struck by the situation of the many children. Inhuman! Through the media work, we were able to collect many donations and provide targeted help on the spot. Many pictures of the children were taken here. Despite the living situation, they looked so happy and content that for a short time one was in a completely different world. To this day, I wonder where the little ones are now and how they are doing. Then in 2019, I went to Mali with the German Armed Forces for just under three months. I was lucky enough to be able to see the country and its people through my work as a photographer. The children gathered around me every time and wanted to look at the photos. I would have loved to leave them my camera, but of course that wasn't possible. When you come back to Germany from such areas, you always realise how well each and every one of us is doing - especially that we can live here in peace."
Gratefully sponsored by the Office for Children, Youth and Family of the City of Bonn. Realised and organised by ONE WORLD PROJECT e. V. and Jenny Bartsch Photography.