about us

ONE WORLD PROJECT e. V. stands for togetherness and for the promotion of collective humanitarian awareness.

The association enables all interested parties to participate in voluntary projects or
to initiate them themselves and subsequently to find more ambitious people in the association.
Everyone can do their best to make our world a better place by using our strengths and
the time we have to give back something that has already benefited us elsewhere.
ONE WORLD PROJECT e.V.  sees itself as an umbrella association for civic engagement.

Other institutions, such as e.g. associations or initiatives etc., can  participate in projects or realize their own projects in the association 

through networking, receiving opportunities for funding or benefitting from existing organizational structures  as a corporate member of ONE WORLD PROJECT e. V.
.Likewise, private and legal persons can support our work through their sponsoring membership and thus secure the future of the voluntary commitment in an appreciative way.

Together we are strong!

about you

Your idea for an intercultural project is the beginning and if you can't get it out of your mind, we look forward to welcoming you as a member and giving you the support you need. If you do not yet have an idea of ​​how you can get involved, we will help you with our existing and planned projects. We offer you the podium and the space for your commitment to promote intercultural diversity and thus to support minorities and the needy and marginalized groups in our society.
Whether as a member, sustaining member or corporate member - you are part of the whole and we need you!

We look forward to you!


After the intercultural One World Festival Bonn was realized for the first time as a private, voluntary initiative in 2015, the organizational activities for the festival and many other intercultural projects, to be implemented by the members, have taken on a scope that led to the founding of ONE WORLD PROJECT e. V.  on 03.03.2018. association's Structure

Executive Chairwoman:
Colette König
Other organs:
Two auditors and
the organ of the general assembly

working groups

The liveliness of the association arises from the central function and networking of the working groups:
In the funding roup, the members and the board of directors look for potential funding opportunities for the intercultural project to be implemented, specifically by sector (music, art, education, dance and sport) and finally the applications with the associated financial plan are created . The board of directors provides extensive support or takes over the preparation of the financial plan
For each intercultural project, a separate project working group is set up by the members participating in the project. The project manager, to be elected in the working group, must take part in the project-related meetings of the funding working group and report to the board in minutes about the decisions and plans of the project working group.
The board of directors supervises the project working groups and provides advice and / or refers to knowledgeable members and external consultants or experts. The projects, as well as the respective financial plan, are approved or objected to by the board of directors before the application is submitted and only transferred to the application process after approval.