IRAN - art for freedom

The group exhibition "IRAN: Art for Freedom" focuses on the Iranian struggle for freedom from a variety of perspectives.

In their art, various artists from different professions and disciplines deal with the many years of oppression, violent repression and serious human rights violations of the Iranian regime and use their art to stand up for freedom, life and the rights of people and nature in Iran, including Alireza Darvish, Mahsa Momayezi, Mana Neyestani, Maryam Ghadimi, Sahar Afra, Sara Shoghi, Sharon Calman, Zard, Zarrin Nemat and others.
In the artistic examination of the struggle for freedom in Iran, the collective exhibition with accompanying action programme provides impulses for encounter, reflection and discussion, sensitisation and solidarity.

Organised by the Iranian Community Bonn (Kutsch) e.V. and the ARTpolis Community Arts & Music Lab of the Bonn Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Learning (BIM) e.V., the art exhibition will be realised as a joint project in solidarity with committed artists, musicians and cultural workers in collaboration with other cooperation and network partners.
Tuesday, 23.05.2023
Vernissage from 19:00
Moderation: Susan Zare
Iranian Community Bonn (Kutsch) e.V.
ARTpolis Community Arts & Music Lab c/o Bonn Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Learning (BIM) e.V.
Katja Dörner, Mayor of the City of Bonn (tbc)
Women* Life Freedom Bonn
Iranian Community in Germany e.V. NRW
Art action: Messages for freedom after Sahar Afra
Music: Songs of connection and healing from the heart of the desert, with Om Shira 
Solo unplugged songs by Om Shira incl. video presentation of his latest work HEAL.
Lecture: Prof. Dr. Katajun Amirpur
Performance: Gang of Freedom - Gosare Asadi, FemaleArtWorldwide & Mali, Frame drums Sonja Hellmann
Wednesday, 24.05.2023 
Exhibition from 10:00
Programme from 19:00
Film: Short films by Alireza Darvish a.o.
Thursday, 25.05.2023 
Exhibition from 10:00 a.m.
Programme from 19:00
Lecture & Discussion: From Monarchy to Theocracy to Secular Democracy?
History and politics in the 20th and 21st century in Iran as well as the share of western states and especially Germany in the survival of the regime Islamic Republic of Iran. What is the future of the feminist revolution in Iran?
Tala Hariri & Homayoun, Women* Life Freedom Bonn
Friday, 26.05.2023 
Exhibition from 10:00
Programme from 20:00
Music: Protest songs, choir group HamAwa directed by Nazila Foroutani
Performance: Scenic performance of Pablo Neruda's poem: "Come, see the blood in the streets", a selected episode from the theatre piece "Bullets from poems" with Behrokh Babai (recitation) and Romanna (dance "Blood in the streets"), Deutsch-Iranisches Theater-Forum e.V.
Music: Duet Plus (Redur Saher & Ayham Nabuti)
"Global Oriental Beats" with DJ TreasureTailor, ONE WORLD PROJECT e.V.
Saturday, 27.05.2023 
Exhibition from 11:00 a.m.
Programme from 19:00
Performance: I am a woman, with Kajan Asadi
Poem & Music: In Harmony with Freedom, recitation, solo and duet with Nazila Foroutani and Said Jamchi
Sunday, 28.05.2023 
Exhibition from 11:00
Finissage from 15:00
Iranian Community Bonn (Kutsch) e.V.
ARTpolis Community Arts & Music Lab c/o Bonn Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Learning (BIM) e.V.
Dance: Janan
Music: Holy Desert Funk from Outta Space! with Om Shira, a holographic journey into the self. A solo concert to listen, dream and dance to.
Hochstadenring 45, 53119 Bonn, Germany
Info & Media:
Programme "IRAN: Art for Freedom" as flyer for download
Poster "IRAN: Art for Freedom" to download
Contact person: 
Dr. Philip Gondecki-Safari, [email protected]

Cooperation partner:
Women Live Freedom Bonn
Iranian Community in Germany e. V.
Om Shira & The Exile Orchestra
German-Iranian Theatre Forum e. V.
International Women's Centre Bonn e. V.
Afghanistan Studies Cooperation Center
3 Rosa D - Sound & Performance
Petit Papillon e. V.